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User22 03-07-2011 09:46 PM

Miscellaneous Web/Magazine Articles
I guess this can be a place for articles that are either not important enough or too small to have their own thread.

So here's the first which was linked by A. Community on Facebook 4 hours ago that I thought shed a little more light on the "New Album Rumor":

Here's a translation that I mustered up with some help from the ole Google Translate:


Alizee: Back to Basics?

Alizée, whose latest album "A Child of the Century" which was bold but had no takers, according will return in 2012 with a fifth album, doing a real homecoming style level of music to reconnect with her audience that made her a popular success in her early years.

According to, having tried to electro in 2010 with his album "A Child of the Century" (Top 24), Alizée will prepare her return to pop, with an album planned for later 2012. The fifth disc is intended to reach a wider audience than the few makers of her latest album, the public had so acclaimed in its infancy. This can also be an opportunity for the performer of the single "The Hills" to attract new radios. An album that we wondered at its output "if her past, her image, was not the place unfortunately " the donkey between two stools: it was too "special" for the media and the general public, it may be confusing - those who know it and defended it before, and too popular for lovers of electro, especially fans of Coco Rosie. Unless her gay audience does not save the furniture. The future proved us right.

Mylène or Not?

Even though the musical style has its eyes on its upcoming productions of the last decade, there is currently no indication a return with Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat. The latest installment of Alizee (available in limited edition with a numbered box containing the album special edition, the book drive, five-album 45s, a poster, and a single Polaroid offered to the first 100 orders) was among the top in the 24th place ranking which disappeared six weeks later, and sold a total of just 5000 copies. It was a cold shower for those who had yet surrounded by the cream of French electro label Institubes from - including Chateau Marmont, Rob, Jerome Echenoz, Para One, David Rubato, Tahiti Boy, revealing a very well produced disc, but unfortunately difficult for the media. The previous album was based on the universe of Edie Sedgwick, an American model and actress whose short life was marked by family tragedies, major psychiatric disorders and drug use.

Merci Alizée 03-07-2011 09:48 PM

It just uses the old rumor as a base for an article. :rolleyes:

Thread has been made sticky.

User22 03-08-2011 06:55 PM

Here's another linked by A. Community on Facebook from:

Here is a rough translation:


RETURN: Alizée, more of a lolita?

It has been quite a long time since Alizée sang "Moi ... Lolita", a tune also done by Julien Doré. After collaborating with Mylène Farmer and having done electronic music, we think the beautiful brunette is coming back. She started her career on television as a child superstar and has topped the charts overseas also.

Revealed by Stars A Domicile, French audiences discovered Alizée's "Moi ... Lolita" in 2000. The icon immediately was taken under Mylène Farmer and aged to be 16. Mylene Farmer and her partner Laurent Boutonnat also wrote the first two albums of the young Corsican, "Gourmandises" (2000) and "Mes Courants Electriques" (2003). In 2007, Alizée returned with "Psychédélices", a disc more sensual that she co-directed with her husband, Jeremy Chatelain. This is the year of the consecration in Mexico, while the young singer has already conquered Asia and much of Europe with pop from the start. Alizée then joined big names in electro like Para One, Rob, Jerome Echenoz, David Rubato, Tahiti Boy and finally Chateau Marmont (all members of Institubes) for her fourth album called "A Child of the Century" . Released in March 2010, this disc marks a radical change in musical style and lost a lot of fans of Alizée, making a real flop in France. Since then, the pretty brunette participated in performances of Les Enfoirés while quietly preparing her return. On her website, the singer tells us that she will indeed return with a more pop style with a release scheduled for 2012 ... Too much mystery, right?
I like how this article said that on her website she confirmed she is working on a new album when really she hasn't lol.

User22 05-31-2011 12:24 AM

English Translation:



Alizée and Jenifer: Duets with Alain Chamfort

In his next album, Alain Chamfort was a desire to be surrounded by the most prominent singers of the moment. A dream is coming true thanks to Jenifer Alizée or ...

Alain Chamfort had a dream to bring beautiful and talented singers on one album and single. A desire to take life a little bit and that will eventually materialize, since Jenifer Alizée, Claire Keim, Fredrika Stahl, Berry, Vanessa Paradis and Camellia Jordana have already responded to these invitations.

Surrounded by the seven attractive young women, the singer embarked on the adventure of duets as did Marc Anthony before him. And so for now the release date of the new album has not been announced, the project is already loud. And a few names of young women have already been announced. Vanessa Paradis Jenifer, via Alizee, Claire Keim, Fredrika Stahl, Berry or Camellia Jordana, they are talented artists as varied as that appear on this new disc to twelve songs, which is full of surprises. We already have water in their mouths.

But he'll have the fans armed with patience. With such personalities and schedules of each project will surely be a long time to implement. So patience. One can nevertheless already acknowledge and thank Alain Chamfort to prepare this fun musical
Original French:



Jenifer et Alizée: En duo pour Alain Chamfort

Dans son prochain album, Alain Chamfort a fait le souhait de s'entourer des chanteuses les plus en vue du moment. Un rêve qui est en train de se réaliser grâce à Jenifer ou encore Alizée...

Alain Chamfort avait pour rêve de réunir de belles et talentueuses chanteuses sur un même et unique album. Une envie qui prend vie petit à petit et qui va finir par se concrétiser, puisque Jenifer, Alizée, Claire Keim, Fredrika Stahl, Berry, Vanessa Paradis et Camélia Jordana ont déjà répondu présentes à l'invitation.

Entouré de ces sept jolies jeunes femmes, le chanteur se lance dans l'aventure des duos comme l'a fait Marc Lavoine avant lui. Et si pour l'heure la date de sortie du nouvel album n'a pas été annoncée, le projet fait déjà grand bruit. Et quelques noms de jeunes femmes sont déjà annoncés. De Vanessa Paradis à Jenifer, en passant par Alizée, Claire Keim, Fredrika Stahl, Berry ou encore Camélia Jordana, ce sont des artistes aussi variées que talentueuses qui figureront sur ce nouveau disque à douze titres, qui réserve de nombreuses surprises. On en a déjà l'eau à la bouche.

Mais il faudra que les fans s'arment de patience. Avec de telles personnalités et les emplois du temps de chacune, le projet sera sûrement un peu long à mettre en place. Patience donc. On peut malgré tout déjà féliciter et remercier Alain Chamfort de nous préparer ce plaisir musical

Rev 05-31-2011 03:36 AM

This will be good for Alizée. She will be noticed by an entirely new crowd. :)

User22 05-31-2011 12:12 PM

Indeed she will! She is on her way toward more respect for her matured work!

User22 08-07-2011 12:14 AM

I don't know if its new news or not, but Alain Chamfort's new album with the duet with Alizee will release in February of 2012.

Topaz 09-06-2011 11:59 AM

From News de Stars published 2 September 2011

Stars who are moms before 21. (look who is first ) :)


User22 09-06-2011 02:34 PM

Very nice article Topaz! Thanks :D they should have named the article: Stars who are hot moms before and after 21 :p

SlipshodDread 09-06-2011 03:13 PM

didn't realise 50 cent was a hot mum.

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