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Originally Posted by Fall06 View Post
Yes excuse me....... but Alize has been a part of many lives here for years, through good times and some not so good she has always been a ray of light, so I felt that song was befitting to post here, of course there's many other songs I could've posted but that's just one that recently caught my attention.. oh well nevermind.

Originally Posted by pepon66 View Post
I discovered Alize in 2006, yeah, 8 years ago I saw a wallpaper of a beautiful girl on a PC, I didnt know who she was, but it was love at first sight
Yes Alize is proof "love at first sight" exists.

Originally Posted by Rev View Post

In her core, she is still the same person.
Yes I don't think people really change too much.

Originally Posted by Ray4AJ View Post
Now that I think about it, I got my impressions of who she is from the early TV interviews. Not so much what she said, but how she said it.


Alize, Balayent les maux de cur
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