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I originally joined this site back in 2006, I believe.. Maybe 2005, if it was around then. Of course, I had a different user name then. I found 2 of Alizee's videos on the newsgroups/forums: Jen ai Marre and Ella Elle La.. when I was downloading music videos back in Feb 2005, about a year after her concert. Luckily, I got to watch her grow and change through the years but my favorite version of Alizee is still Alizee 2.0 (the Jen ai Marre years.)

I don't get to this site much anymore but do check in occasionally and I'm glad I was one of the organizers of the American Alizee birthday party back in 2007. Funny.. because of Alizee's influence another user.. CFHollister (was a teacher) now became a French Chef and is working at a nice local French Restaurant. The Original French Bistro "La Creme Brulee" in Steilacoom, Wa, where the party was held just closed and has morphed into a much bigger French restaurant in Tacoma, where CFHollister now works.

If anyone wants to say hello to him let me know and I'll be sure to pass it on. I'll check back in a few days on this posting.

I wonder what Cooney ever did with his extremely massive Alizee collection that he displayed at the 2007 birthday party.

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