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Jumping on the bandwagon... for me it has been 11 years. Oh I knew Alizée since 2001 (I think) but only as a pretty girl who sang a song I loved and I had no idea who she was and unlike today I couldn't just google the lyrics (lol remember when google didn't existed? Seems impossible today.) or the song's name or check the playlist of my radio station to find out who the singer of Moi.. Lolita was... and I was a weirdo who didn't like to watch music videos on MTV or Viva like the cool kids because I wasn't really interested in music so no chance of finally finding out about this girl's name...

Well I joined the forums pretty late, AF in 2008 (oddly enough I visited the AF-Fanpage quite a lot but never followed the link that would have lead me to the forum), AAm in 2009, but I was always following her movements since 2003.

11 years with a lot of ups, some heartbreaking downs, a lot of smiles and happiness, some really huge tears, frustration, a lot of fun and so many great people I've met... I really own Alizée a lot to be honest... It wasn't perfect the entire time but I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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