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Originally Posted by Scruffydog777 View Post
I wonder if we contact User22 directly through e-mail if we have a current e-mail address if he might have it. User22 was Aaronius31 I believe and we had a lot of personal interactions I guess you'd call it so if there's a way to contact him and he has it, we'll get it.


I tried sending him a pm. There was no e-mail address available through the forum. Maybe he'll get in touch with us. Aaron's story is kind of a funny and good story with this forum and he really helped to shape it along with MerciAlizee.
Originally Posted by Ray4AJ View Post
The weird thing is that I have 001 through ~017 in my files except 011 (the one in question) and 013 are missing.

Digging into Brad's post:

I guess those files got deleted from the forum maybe. Or perhaps they are still there somewhere we can't access.

I would bet that User22 would have a copy though.
Have you ever sent him some of those signed Alizée dédicace CDs to his home address?
You can try to reach him that way also, but there were also other members you guys contacted via email to arrange to send them a CD, as it's seen at
perhaps some of them still have the file.

What about the Alizée hub?
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