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Default Miscellaneous Image queries, requests and sharing

Continued from here :

Originally Posted by Merci Alizée View Post
This thread has become large now and it's difficult to keep track of what was posted here before and what was not. So, I created a new one keeping in mind recent nature of posts here and problems faced by us in deciding where to post about some images

Please use Miscellaneous Image queries, requests and sharing thread from now on.

You can use this thread for asking different types of questions about the images.

You can request for images here and others can share for those requests.

If you are not sure where to post any picture, then you can post those here and your post will be moved to the appropriate thread later on. For example - if you don't know whether a certain picture is new or not, then post it here. Mods will move your post to newest picture thread.

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