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I agree a lot with what Paybays has to say. In the past couple of years there was so much cussing on a daily basis, so many insults, it's no surprise that people grew tired of it. In the past couple of years if you said the least thing critical of Alizee, you would be set upon and that's not right. Alizee forum is just like our forum. They are there for discussion pro and con. It's okay to be critical, but too often that criticism turned into bashing and that's something I've been guilty of myself at times along with all the other things.

RMJ had carte blanche to say what ever he wanted and he did so often. There were fights all the time and little was done to police it. It's no wonder people grew tired of it. Annily should have been a topic that was off limits, but it wasn't.

At the beginning of the year, I thought things were capable of being turned around and so I made a donation to keep it open a couple of more months , but after talking to a few of their members it was obvious they had enough of AF.

Still there's some good knowledge I think in their files such as interpretations, translations, experiences as I had said the other day and it would be a shame to lose it. If we get their files, I don't think people will care about the fights, they will care about the things I just mentioned. But as I said before, I think there will be a fairly large cost for this info and at this point in her career, with no tourne's and I'm sure there wont be a Les Enfoires though with her business, she could easily block out that time to go, so I don't think it's worth paying it.

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