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Originally Posted by kulli View Post
A Radio station in south west of Germany where I live organises every year a Hit Parade. All listeners can vote for their favorite songs (no matter what genre it is) At the end 2000 songs on the list get played over a period of several days.
The Radio Station has around 1 Million - 1.5 Million listeners per day.

5 music title votes are possible: Vote ends on Sunday. Name and E-Mail adress is required.

Position 1 in your list counts 5 Points
Position 2 in your list counts 4 Points
Position 3 in your list counts only 3 Points and so on.

I have done some research and in 2009 Moi Loita was on place 1800... In the last few years no song made it onto the list....
That has got to change.! It doesn't matter if the songs get a high position or not, it is only important to get on the list.

I dont see this as promotion ( well there is nothing to promote in the moment anyway...)
just fur fun and maybe we gain a few fans.

What's your opinion? Would you vote or have you no interest?
I'm in! Let me know what ever it is I have to do to participate. Hopefully it will allow people outside of Germany to participate and I guess our location will be given away by our e-mail address, but we've been able to participate in several other things similar to this in the past and hopefully that is the case here and if we outside of Europe can participate, I'll post this on FB to get others involved.

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