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I think Hey Amigo is a great song and I love the the begining, but for some reason, I can't stand the music that starts at the 2:35 mark. When it gets to that spot, I usually click on the next song. I'll have to make a version where I edit that out.

The thing I first didn't like about K. O. was K. O., that is the way those letters sounded, mainly the K. It sounded if you can understand this, foreign to me. But after a while, I got used to it and I really enjoy the song now.

The one good thing about J'en ai marre for those people who have heard and seen her before is I think the song will bring back images in their heads of how beautiful and sexy she looked and danced.

Alcaline I think has a good beat to it. It tells a nice little story that if they understand it, they would enjoy it more, but I have no idea how many of these German listeners speak French. This song could've and should've been made into a video for that album.
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