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Default 7 Extra magazine article from 2000

Here's another article AIFC let me share....



7 EXTRA (2000)
Alizée from A to Z

What's immediately striking when you meet Alizée is the mix of quiet force and natural charm that emanates from her. More sensible, but just as pretty, as in the Moi Lolita video, Mylène Farmer's protégé has also responded to all our questions with a disarming smile and an impressive serenity.

Do you have other passions besides singing?
A: I've done dancing for 12 years. In the beginning, I wanted to be a dance teacher. I did theater as well and also...I love football! I don't play it but my little brother does and I watch a lot of matches on TV.

We're seeing an explosion of musical comedies. Would you like to participate in one of them?
A: That's what I've been doing since I was very little with my dance school. I like the fact that there are a lot of them at the moment. Obviously I go see them because, even the old musicals like Singing in the Rain, I have them all on cassette! Singing and dancing at the same time, that has always been my dream.

And movies?
A: I'm interested in that a little but I prefer to begin my singing career and not do everything at once. However, later on, if someone proposes something cool, I would probably say yes.

Simply Normal
Were you a good student at school?
A: In primary school, I was first in the class, and later on, I remained a good student. I have always liked science subjects like maths or physics. However, I wasn't very gifted in languages. I'm going to try to perfect it.

And what sort of little girl were you?
A: A little like all the others: not especially spoiled but one who never lacked for anything. I wasn't naughty, neither whimsical... Kind, you know, like I am now, I haven't changed!

Whose posters did you have in your bedroom?
A: Before, I had Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt but I've done a little sorting and now I have Friends posters as well as pictures of my little brother and me.

Can we know if you have a boyfriend?
A: Yes but I won't say anything more.

When you sing a song like Moi Lolita, do you ever imagine yourself one day married with children?
A: Yes because I continue my little life as before. I still live with my parents and I will continue as long as I can to have a normal life so yes, I think I'll get married, have children, and have a family later on.

The Thing to Understand
With Mylène Farmer, what are your methods of working on the album that you are preparing?
A: Since I'm currently in Paris often, I meet her in the studio or even at her home. Otherwise, it's by phone. She tells me, "here, I did this for you, what do you think?"

Mylène Farmer's lyrics aren't always easy to understand. Has she written more reasonable things for your album?
A: She does a lot of wordplay but actually, when you read for example the lyrics to Moi Lolita, it's very easy to understand. She told me: "you'll see, the kids are going to understand it like this and the adults, they'll understand in an different way." For her, each song has two different meanings.

Will she be present in the chorus for your album?
A: She's already done it, because in Moi Lolita, you can hear her in the last refrain... but I won't say anything more about it.

Can you give us one of Mylène's faults?
A: At the moment, I frankly haven't discovered any of them. She is truly very kind and always has confidence in me. I have the impression that we have the same tastes and that we have really found each other.

We also know that everything about her is very secretive. Have you received orders of things to say or not to say, especially in interviews?
A: Let's say that she's just given me advice in explaining that sometimes I would be able to give my opinion but for certain things, it's better for me to listen to the people around me, simply because they have more experience and they know what to do and what not to do.

Business with Mylène
And your look, is it you au naturel or is it cleverly crafted?
A: I see it with Mylène: we mix lots of outfits! Whether we try them on in the store, or we're inspired by the magazines. According to what we've chosen, we sort them out, we see which one I like and which one she likes, and then we choose together.

Do you imagine yourself onstage doing shows like hers?
A: Yes, of course. It's my dream to have big concerts with dancers, special effects, and lots of lights; especially since her concerts are truly grandiose.

Does the public frighten you at all?
A: No because I've been doing shows since I was 5 years old! I've always had the public 1 meter from me and it doesn't frighten me. On the contrary: I love to feel their contact.

Corsica with Patrick
What advice would you give to someone who would like to do what you're doing?
A: Have a lot of desire, know what you want, go all the way to the end, don't stop along the way and especially remain natural. In any case that's what's helped me.

You live in Corsica, in Ajaccio, do you know Patrick Fiori?
A: Yes. When I was little, the dance school that I belonged to gave shows and that's how I found myself as a little dancer behind him. After that, he became known from Notre-Dame De Paris and, now, each time I go back to Corsica, he comes to see me. He is truly very very kind.

What do you think of boy bands?
A: I see them as a phenomenon of the moment. I also see that this isn't something real: they're all dressed in a particular way, they work out several times a day and you don't even know if they sing. I think they're more "Ken dolls" than anything else.

Which CDs do you most often listen to?
A: I love Madonna; I grew up with her songs because my dad was a fan and I finally swiped his records. I also like Johnny Hallyday whom I consider as a giant. Actually, I listen to a little bit of everything except techno because that makes my head hurt!

Translated by Backinblack
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"...Singing and dancing at the same time, that has always been my dream..."

Her expression of what she wanted to do was very clear and succinct.

She is living her dream.
--- pace e salute ---
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Thanks for the share Scruff , love those pics from the scan as i'd never seen em before .
It always amazes me there aren't 100's of pics in the fur jacket . . .
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Awesome translation! I havent seen those pictures before!
Originally Posted by alizeefan View Post
It always amazes me there aren't 100's of pics in the fur jacket . . .
There probably are a ton of pictures, but they choose just a couple out of a hundred to put in some magazine or whatever and the rest are deleted or forgotten on some dusty harddrive somewhere... Too bad we cant see them :S
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