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Default Star Club Magazine (#4) from 2001

Here's another magazine article from 2001 that AIFC shared with me...


"Little pink top, capri pants with pink on the back, black boots and cap...pink, fresh makeup like morning dew, Alizée looks like a tender and very sugary candy, like a Chamallow... Logical, when you release an album carrying the name Gourmandises... Shy and reserved, the young Lolita received Star Club at the Hotel Raphaël (Gainsbourg's favorite hotel...). Confidances of a young girl almost like the others who will forever never be able to get over what's happened to her...

"My album is inspired by my life."

A few words to describe your album?
A: I talked a lot with Mylène and Laurent. Through the course of our meetings, we discovered a little more about each other every time. They took inspiration from the story of my life and anecdotes that I was able to confide to them. The result produced an album.

In your album, you often make allusion to an adolescence that passes quickly. Do you think that people grow up too quickly?
A: It's obvious. I'm only 16 years old now and yet I live in an adult world. My entourage has changed, I no longer have friends my age, but it's still good, it's different.

The James Bong girl character (JBG, one of the songs in the album) is a little about you?
A: No it's not me, it's just a role in movies that has fascinated me since I was little. These women are beautiful, intelligent, and especially intriguing...Wahoo! If I had the chance one day in my career to be able to play a role, this is indeed the one that I would choose.

In the songs that you sing, we often find the soul of a savage nature (the "steppenwolf", the maquis, Corsica...). Do you find yourself implicated in the ecology?
A: No, I'm not particularly implicated in the ecology, I talk a lot about nature in my songs because I have a thing for my native country: Corsica. This island is truly magnificent: you can go to the sea, you can also hike in the mountains, and in the hills you can ski. Here, it's always gray and the Seine river isn't very blue!!! (laughs)

What is your favorite toy?
A: I love stuffed animals, and among all those that I have, I don't really have a preference, maybe my teddy bear...

You talk a lot about love and of men in your songs. Is there someone that you think about when you sing them?
A: Yes..(silence). Of course I think of someone but I can't tell you any more, I think everyone has the right to their own secret gardens...

If someone gave you a magic wand, what's the first thing you would do?
A: I would do so that what I'm living right now doesn't end, because I'm living such a beautiful and magical adventure that all I want is for it to keep on going...

Your first single, Lolita, was hummed all summer long and you were recently awarded at the M6 Awards. How do you live with this success day-to-day?
A: I no longer see my friends, I no longer hang out with the same people, I don't go to the same classes anymore, at fixed times, I'm pursuing my studies by correspondence. I work with a young and pleasant team, so that is going well. I have the impression of having taken a big step forward when I meet young girls my age in the street who call me to give them advice or so I can give them my autograph. Not long ago, I too was on the other side of the fence, I think you have to have a lot of courage to approach someone and that's why I admire my fans! The other day, I saw Johnny Depp, whom I'm a fan of, and, well, I didn't even dare say hello!!! (laughs)

You're not fed up with your "Lolita" image?
A: No not at all, all artists have an image and that doesn't bother me at all. On the contrary, because I really like the Lolita character.

You're not afraid of just being a phenomenon of the moment?
A: For the moment I'm delighted. If the adventure continues, I say so much the better but if the album doesn't work and it comes to an end, all the same I will have had the privilege of living all these moments and I'll hold dear numerous things from this experience.

Your mentors Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat composed this album for you, but it seems that you participated in the writing of certain songs, is this true? If so, which ones?
A: No, they were inspired by little stories of my life, I told them all these episodes, but it was Mylène who wrote the lyrics and Laurent dealt with the music.

Why is your album called Gourmandises?
A: Because I'm very greedy. I love candy, all sweets that there are. There's not really one in particular, no, from the cinnamon bears to the taffy to the sour gummy strips...mmm, I can't resist that!!! (laughs)

Is there a song on the album that you like in particular?
A: No, I invested in each song in the same way because they all tell my story, as it were. It's a little like my autobiography and I felt the same emotion for each one of them.

Stagewise, when is your public going to be able to see you?
A: For the moment, I'm waiting for the release of my album. There's nothing expected in my schedule. I have to wait to see how this album is going to work. You can't hurry things up.

What would be the stage that you would like to perform on to give your first concert?
A: I don't know all the stages in Paris. I've only visited the Olympia and I was at the Zénith so I don't know which one I'd choose, but whatever the stage, I would be glad, because, in front of me will be my public. And that's what's most important.

Has Mylène shared with you her passions, especially for the United States?
A: Yes, she showed the United States to me. In fact, I left this summer and I visited New York. It's gigantic... (dreamy look).

[Quoi de neuf?]: Lolita, the very first single by Alizée, has sold more than a million copies...
Gourmandises, the first album of our baby star, is finally on record store shelves. On the menu, ten songs, veritable little jewels concocted (lyrics, music, production, arrangements) by the always winning tandem: Mylène Farmer/Laurent Boutonnat. Included are Lolita, as well as Alizée's new single, L'Alizé.
At the last M6 Awards where she was awarded, Alizée burst into tears, especially when Mylène (she was also crowned) expressed her pride in being at the origin of the young girl's debut.
It's in Corsica, with her family that Alizée spends her New Year's Eve parties: "I'm going to be able to take advantage of being with my little brother and my dad. And it will also be a chance to party with my friends that I haven't seen for quite some time."
For sure, 2001 will be a very sweet year for Alizée...

[Text next to picture]: Alizée has conquered a large audience with Moi Lolita. The success has decided not to let her go, with such a good path. We can't wait for a Parisian stage..."

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