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Old 08-05-2017, 04:55 PM
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Default Coeur deja pris - ala DALS

I had put together a video I had hoped to post to Youtube. Usually when I posted one of my videos in the past, it would get nailed for copyright violations, but that usually only kept it from being seen in some countries, mostly Germany. But I posted this to Youtube and it got banned everywhere for both the audio and the video. It looks like they're getting tougher with their copyright policies.

Anyways I thought it was fairly good, so I'll post a link here so anyone who might be interested can watch it.

I took one my favorite songs that she never performed in public (Coeur deja Pris - Heart that belongs to another) and dubbed it into her performance in the 9th episode of DALS where she danced to 'Pas toi - Not you-', by Tal. Not that was an incredbly beautiful performance in itself, but I felt Coeur deja pris fit pretty close to the story line so I figured I'd give it a shot. In Coeur deja pris, she's in a love triangel - 2 girls - one guy and she is on the losing end. Pas Toi is about unrequited love. She loves him, but he doesn't love her.

Putting the audio and the video together was relatively easy. Coming up with a good flowing interpretation of the song was the hard part. There are several out there, but they're all lacking in some way. So I consulted with Marguerite, the young woman who does interpretations for me and came up with a story that I think flows well.

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