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Originally Posted by Scruffydog777 View Post
It's too bad she apparently doesn't speak English. She could branch out so much more. Think of what Alizee could've done in the U.S. if she had a couple of good songs even with her limited English. Even so, it looks like she should do quite well as long as she doesn't listen to any boyfriends that come along.
She knows English quite well and speaks a few languages her entire life .
I believe she graduated regular school quite early and then went to the prestigious Kensington University/College in England at around 15-16 . While in England sang in the choir and did some music studies with some famed artists such as Madonna and company .

Also she has some older videos and a few newer covers of popular English songs . So the knowing the language as is what i believe a common misconception of Alizee isn't an issue . AJ only once said one thing about English not being her forte and it was in anger over a poorly written article criticizing her and she said it just to shut people up about it . That tactic obviousilly backfired . . With fans anyway because the common misconception is she didn't like English , cant speak it or sing
it at all and so on . . I mean c'mon think about it had she done ML in English even if it wasn't so well written in translation would have probably been a huge hit in the US charts just as it was in Euro/South American charts .

AJ can speak and sing English just well enough and if so had taken that English route it wouldn't have been an issue . Less is more and i'm kinda glad AJ never did do the English thing because while we'd perhaps or maybe not have more material it would have jaded her more and possibly lead to even worse outcomes due to the American crazy ways of the celebrity of a hot girl musician lifestyle .

I've talked at Kat about the English thing and lessons from English artists as well over the years adding my Alizee experience , Priscilla and Marina Kaye ( with MK whom i also spoke to about the English route ) included in such thoughts , basically alike AJ , PB and MK France stars - that is who they are and its a big step to take the English US chart route .

Having said all that i know for a fact there are English versions of ML and other songs which they just never released and i believe long overdue to let them out because at this point no harm could be done . Even just the lyrical parts would be good to have fans do remixes of .

Katie is a Ukrainian star . The English thing while it would be great is alot more to it . You'd have to move to the US and devote your life to that * , perhaps do things with some producers . . . If successful go on tours and in such with songs and that life be under a corporate control and the list goes on and on and so on . It isn't all its cracked up to be . Katie ( Assol ) being well off financially has always been able to put out really good music under her own control and no rush to fulfill contracts etc . This somewhat unique to the music world style of creativity is another reason she is my favorite artist .

* Right now she is not only doing her music thing but models and is studying law to cover that side of the business and be in even better control of her persona . Pretty amazing grrrl !

As for boyfriends she kinda spoke on that where when a byte younger a few years back went through the wild loves and lusts . I believe she outgrew that early and is much too intelligent and like a cat independant , very self sufficient to ever be influenced in such ways as your thoughts if i read correctly all though i maybe reading into .

Here she is 6 years old singing in English with another below

The Diamonds cover i fall in love with her voice and she owns a big
part of my soul listening to her as she listens to me .

and same song a picture slide show of some pretty nice more current beach shots .


AJ has alot of pics right but another thing i love about K is she shares her life in pics with and by request of the Assolfans . . .

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