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Memories from Le Zénith.. Alizée and I...
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Un-rêve Un-rêve is offline 12-06-2011, 01:50 AM
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I shared a couple of memories from the OLympia concert a while ago and now I would like to share a couple more memories from before and after the LE Zenith concert. It was a great day!

Well first of all I remember Alizée arrived and left the Le Zenith with her manager Olivier in a mini cooper! When she arrived she was wearing the same Beret that she wore in some of those scenes from The Passengers featurette and I remember it so well because she looked so cute in it!

Well she was mobbed by many fans but afterwards her manager Olivier drove through the gate and past the fence. That's when she stepped out of the car and she was radiant as ever and well as soon as I saw her I shouted out to her " ALIZEE TOI MAGNIFIQUE!!! "

I know my french was pretty bad but nonetheless she still turned around and smiled and waved to me. Well she smiled and waved to us all! It was beautiful and she was beautiful! After a few seconds or so though she was ushered through the back doors to the concert hall to get ready for the show.

I was in seventh heaven by then though and I couldn't wait to see her again but there was still a good hour left before the show and I had to get back to my hotel for my ticket! Anyway I remember that walk back to the hotel so well because after seeing Alizée's smile once again everything seemed so clear.. even the sky was more beautiful than I had ever seen before. Well I can't really explain it but it was magical!

Well the concert itself was as wonderful as the first one even if I didn't get to touch her hand 3 times this time round like I did at the Olympia. Well
I've already shared those experiences from the Olympia but this is about what happened after the Le Zenith concert and it was something wonderful!

I never had a pass to meet Alizée backstage but I did wait for her at the back of the venue with many other fans right up until the very end! Contrary to what Mayhem once wrote in his report over at AF though, Alizée eventually came out with her manager Olivier in a mini cooper!

This is what I really want to share though, because she finally came out with her manager and he drove past very slow. The amazing thing was that the sunroof of the car was open though and Alizée was standing up waving and smiling to us through it! It was wonderful but subsequently Olivier drove over my foot as the car was turning but that was my fault for getting too close.

Anyway I didn't care about that because my mind was set on Alizée anyway.. I just cared about her and as the car drove off I ran after her!
Haha.. I remember it so well because when I caught up with her she was shouting out Wooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!

She was on top of the world though.. she was even punching her arm out in the air! Haha well as I caught up with her I started shouting out Wooohhhhh too and as I did she turned to me and laughed.. it was the sweetest laugh that I ever heard!

Well I don't think she could believe I was running beside her and well I couldn't believe it either! I saw her eye's light up and sparkle too and that was beautiful to me aswell because she was so full of joy! She was on top of the world and so was I and my god those were some of the most wonderful moments of my life!

I just had to say something to her though and that's when it came out. I never even planned it though and I was just going on emotion but that's when I said to her " Ohhhhh you're an amazing girl Alizée!!! "

I really meant it though and I know she appreciated it because what happened next was wonderful! I couldn't believe it but she gave me the most beautiful smile and it was more beautiful than any smile I had ever seen before.. it was heaven!

I still didn't want it to end there though so I asked " may I shake you're hand Alizée " I don't think she understood me at first though and she looked at me kinda vague yet so sweet! So I asked her again and Ohhhh my that's when she smiled down at me again and reached out her hand. I couldn't believe it but I took hold of her hand. Haha it was like being on a rollercoaster with her! Anyway as all good things must come to an end that's when some security guard came running out of nowhere and shouted out noooooo or something like that!

Anyway I knew I had to let her go eventually but it was a wonderful experience and so much so that even after all these years I still find myself holding on to her beautiful hand!

Alizée, Balayent les maux de cœur

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Originally Posted by Un-rêve View Post
Anyway I knew I had to let her go eventually but it was a wonderful experience and so much so that even after all these years I still find myself holding on to her beautiful hand!
Awwwwwww !
Toot sweet , wonderful story thanks for sharing i can't wait to read the others.
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