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Une Enfant Du Siècle
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Karin Karin is offline 11-21-2011, 10:13 AM
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My personal view of „Une Enfant Du Siécle“ from beginning until today.

When the UEDS was mentioned for the 1st time, it was for me just information. Then came “strange” pictures on alizée-officiel and then teasers. But still it wasn’t any extra thing for me. But it changed in the day, when you could pre-order UEDS Deluxe Edition… that day was very pretty for me, and for others too, most when we tried to think who will get box with autographed polaroid… however when we got to the the result that we are not in the first 100, my mood changed about 180°… but still I was hoping. 26.03.2010 – day of the best e-mail – with download link for UEDS mp3! It was nice sunny day, I woke up very early for me… but when I started to hear UEDS, it made day much more beautiful… many times I heard La Candida (however I didn’t know about what this song is). After long time came day D, it was cold rainy day, I was at school when at 07:52 courier called me, that he has pack for me… but cause of “lovely” school, he could deliver it to me cca at 16:00 (4:00PM)… After school I had time, so we went with friend to new-opened shopping centre Eurovea... but I was still looking on clocks… and then after some time I decided to go home… when I came home at 13:00 (1:00PM) what happened… courier called me that he is by us, I can receive my box… funny cause he told before that he can deliver it at 16:00… so I had luck. And when I opened my box, then started the best day in 2010… cause I found autographed polaroid!!! … I know, I have many things from Alizée which can make me happy, but this was special… I have 0 chance to see her one day live, take photo with her and ask for autograph… so my polaroid is for me the most “expensive” thing.

Then came typical days with TV, radio interviews with Alizée and some articles in magazines. I thought that this album will be successful after reading reviews on Limelight… but it wasn’t. And this bad situation confirmed no promotion, no live performance and other. So from day to day UEDS was dying in public and my mind.
But this year it changed again, thanks Alizée’s participation in La Academia… however it was mentioned that Alizée will sing JEAM and ML… for me it was surprise that Alizée decided to sing Les Collines… I watched Les Collines performance for many times, and I was very happy to see how Alizée is singing song from her last album which for most of the world is a flop. But after this performance, which filled me with much energy and good feeling, UEDS isn’t flop for me. However sales are not enormous, songs aren’t played in radios, but I’m happy that for Alizée chose to sing Les Collines – so we can see that she is proud of UEDS.
Last personal thing about UEDS which I want to tell is… UEDS is not the best album in the world, it was made very quickly, so I think UEDS was only made to fill the time between much bigger project – new pop album. Maybe I’m wrong… maybe not.

And now my personal review of some UEDS songs:

Eden Eden – here I haven’t much to tell, for me very heart moving song. When I hear it, I’m still thinking about my family members who are dead now.

Limelight – here I want to tell, that I think that all song are not only about Edie Sedgwick, but about Alizée herself too. Like Edie, Alizée was many times in limelight from her 15 until today. As we know, Alizée didn’t like Lolita life, and she tried to find new way… that are telling lyrics too “Find a way...“. And maybe with UEDS she find her way, maybe not.

Les Collines – in english the hills. Tille said it all, alizée’s carrer is like to walk up the hills. Its not easy, sometimes you must stop and give it up, or change your way.

Factory Girl – like by Les Collines, title say it… Alizée personal was factory girl, she was the doll in hands of MF and LB, she did what was good for her image, fame but inside her it was not all OK.

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Old 07-21-2012, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Karin View Post
Had to do this
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Old 08-22-2012, 03:13 AM
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Great review Karin!

I like UEDS
Well, the songs arent very upbeat, you cant dance or sing along with them like JPVA or ML, maybe this is why the album wasnt a great success.
But it's great for relaxing.
I listen to UEDS more then to Gourmandise/MCE.

To be honest the first time I listened to some songs from the album, I didnt like them, but now its my favorite Alizzee album.

My favorite songs are Eden Eden, la candida, les collines, a couer fendre, factory girl, mes fantomes...........uhm, I love ALL songs from UEDS!
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Old 11-22-2012, 11:32 AM
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I love your review Karin.

For me UEDS is one of the best albums I have ever heard ... it has this simple yet deep atmosphere like no other album I have ever heard, while her voice lifts it into the heights... I would even dare to say that it outstrips Vangelis, not to mention Boutonnat, in its ability to freeze my emotions and thoughts...

Great work, Alizée!
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Old 02-18-2013, 10:54 PM
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Very nice blog Karin- thanks!

I am one of the new members here and I know I'm digging up old posts but I think there is so much richness of thought in this whole site regarding Alizée that it's worth doing so, particularly as it relates to this under-rated album. Since La Candida is one of the songs that initially got my attention and instantly transformed me into a fan, the entire album became one of my favorites- right along with Psychédèlices. Who knew? A French singer, singing a song in Spanish- dedicated to her Mexican fans. That's straight from her heart- and from what I'm beginning to understand- pure Alizée!

Not taking anything away from her earlier works- they are great in their own genre- I think these two albums (as I'm sure 5 will be) simply and elegantly showcase her unique talent as a singer moving into her own realm- as an independent artist.

Bravo to Alizée, and thanks again Karin for your insightful thoughts!
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