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Un-rêve Un-rêve is offline 06-05-2012, 11:01 AM
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Some time ago I shared memories from Le Zenith with you all and now I will share some more from Corsica.

Sunday June 5th 2005.. my first day on the island.. the most glorius day of my life!

The events that took place that day can only be described as the stuff of dreams.. because I met Alizée in her hometown less than 500 yards from the hotel I was staying at! It was unforgettable!

Well I will keep this short, only because I don't know how to begin to describe how wonderful it all was or how wonderful she was, but I saw so many things that I love about her shine through that day.. she even took time out for me and treated me like a friend and I will always love her for that!

Photograph taken by Alizée's mother.. the flash came out a bit bright.

Funny thing is in all the excitement I almost forgot to ask if I could have a photo taken with her. I mean I had already said farewell to her and her family but I went back and asked Alizée if I may have a photo with her and voila!

Anyway she was so sweet, I got to hear her laugh and she gave me many beautiful smiles. I held and kissed her hand, said the things I wanted to
say to her, gave her a couple of gifts ( well I went prepared just incase I would meet her ) and thanked her for everything!

She answered my questions and even asked me a few too and her english was a lot better than she gave herself credit for. It was much better than my french that's for sure.. but between my poor french and her " little bit " of english we got on pretty well.

Well I will always love her for all the joy she brings to us and I will always love her for lighting up my life! It was magical.. she is magical!

Alizée Pour Toujours!!!

Alizée, Balayent les maux de cœur

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Originally Posted by Un-rêve View Post
Yes indeed!

Btw I forgot to mention it before.. it's no big deal but I also asked her when her next album was going to be released. She told me "next year" which would've been 2006 but as we now know it just wasn't to be.
That's interesting, I wonder if she was beginning work on Psych at that point, expecting it to be released sometime the follwing year?
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