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Old 08-15-2017, 09:20 PM
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Default The music of Alizee - impressions

This evening, I was taking a walk while listening to Alizee, mainly songs from Gourmandises, and decided to climb a hill near my home that is popular during sunset, as it is literally the highest point in my hometown and offers a magnificent view over a large portion of the city. This picturesque view coupled with Alizee's great debut album made me feel something I've often come to feel when I listen to her songs. It is a grand sense that there are countless adventures and places to explore out in the world, kind of like daydreaming but more vivid, more amplified. Importantly, this pleasant (almost psychedelic) sensation is tinged with sorrow and a fear of never fulfilling these dreams and adventures. It's as if the things I'm imagining in such scenarios are larger than life, impossible to achieve. This may be linked to something more general, like a need for more adventurous experiences in my life or such. But what's interesting is that these thoughts are most prevalent specifically while listening to Alizee. She does not have the best music I've ever heard but it is the most powerful one in this specific regard. The soothing atmosphere created by the instruments, the haunting vocal melodies - the image of the sunset illustrates it perfectly.
The experience made me wonder whether these feelings are unique to myself or is this the case with most of us fans: do others feel the same vastness of the world while hearing the Farmer/Boutonnat/Alizee combination in action? Furthermore, was Gourmandises* intended to strike these feelings in the listener or is it again an individual interpretation?

*While I don't think that the debut is better than MCE, I find that the former is especially strong in taking one to a spiritual state of mind because of the soft atmospheric nature of the compositions, while the latter has a light feel-good mood that doesn't necessarily extend that deep.

Feel free to share your own impressions and ideas that have stemmed from hearing our favourite lady sing.
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