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Default [2017-10-09][Interview] Télé Star

This week a new Interview in Tele Star

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Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet plan to expand the family: "It's the next step"

EXCLUDED TELESTAR - The year 2017 is charged for Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet. After having realized their dream of opening a dance studio, the couple could soon enlarge the family. Confidences.

In love since 2013, Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet seem to be spinning a perfect idyll. Married since June 2016, the lovebirds have realized a new dream, that of opening a dance studio in Ajaccio. So it's no coincidence that the professional dancer has left the adventure of Dance with the stars. Grégoire Lyonnet now wishes to devote himself to his new projects, as a family. And if the year 2017 is rich in surprises for the couple, the coming years could also reserve their lots of twists and turns. Interviewed by our journalist Thomas Monnier, Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet talked about a future for four: "Later, we want to expand the family, yes. He or she will take his first steps in our studio," said the professional dancer. "This is the next step," added Moi's interpreter, Lolita.

Alizée is already mom of a little girl, named Annily, born of his love with his ex-companion, the singer Jérémy Chatelain. Mother hen, the singer regularly shares shots of her with her daughter, which is her true spitting portrait!

The interview is to be found in full in your next issue of TéléStar in kiosks on Monday, October 9th.
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Well if this is true and I'm sure it is because she's never made it a secret that she wanted another baby, I wish her family all the best. Of course planning an addition and actually having that addition can be 2 different things, but I think things will go well for them.

But I have to think most people who follow her here and on our FB page, want to see her sing and dance again; if not with an album, at least with something like L.E. or SAGA and I think a new addition will put any hopes of this if not to an end, or at least postpone it to such a late date that I think this time, it wont be worth waiting around for.

I've done a lot of work to come up with things of interest to keep our fans interested and to keep them from drifting away. I tried to keep AF from folding and I'm helping AIFC to keep going too, but once that bun is officially in the oven, or even if this story proves false, but she doesn't appear in Les Enfoires or anything else, I'm sure I'll still follow her, maybe even posting on a regular basis, but I doubt if I'll spend the hours upon hours I've done in the past, making videos, looking for stuff of interest, etc. I just don't see any purpose in it.

But again I wish her, Greg and Annily the best and if there's a new addition, I'll pray that everything goes well there and I'll just have to thank her mostly,with an assist from Greg, for bringing so much enjoyment into our lives.
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Sorry to see that fans aren't so much here anymore but that was expected with Alizee slowly moving into private life. I, myself, haven't been here for a few years. But, if anyone is interested, I just left an update about myself, CF Hollister and Chef Bertrand on the "It's been 7 years" thread.
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via social media:


This link might be clearer, while it lasts...

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I have typwritten the whole interview in french, here is the google translation:

First of all Grégoire, you have a nice announcement to make to our readings ... You become columnist for Télé Star to speak to us of DALS. It's going to be strange to write about your former comrades ...

Grégoire Lyonnet:
Yes, I will review the show every week in Télé Star. And on Saturday, October 14th, for the launch of the new season, I will be present throughout the evening on the Facebook Star TV via a live Facebook. I will comment live the first premium and viewers will be able to ask me questions. I think I'm pretty well placed to talk about DALS that I love tenderly and that has changed my life. I saw the evolution of the show and I will surely see some details that go unnoticed.

More than three years ago after you had meet in Dance with the stars. The program has upset your life ....

Grégoire and Alizee Ah yes! ( They laugh.)
G.L ..: There is a before of a after Dance with the stars ...
A ..: Personally and professionally speaking, because I came back to my first passion, dancing.

You open your dance school. What do you want to pass on to people?

G.L ..: For the story, we talk about this project since we sumers met. I already gave classes, and Alizée, it was his dream of little girl.
A ..: Yes, when I was a little girl and asked me what I wanted to do, I would say something about the dance.
G.L ..: We want to transmit our love of dance to the Ajaccians. With this school of dance, one realizes a common desire. She was also decorated by Emmanuelle Marcellin (recognized interior architect in Corsica) and Alizée

Fauve Hautot is the school voting godmother.

G.L ..: Yes. She's a longtime friend. She knows me well as a dancer and as a person.
A ..: She lived the beginning of our story, and it was obvious that she was our godmother. We know she will come to see our students.

Henceforth, your life is in Corsica?

G.L ..: For four years now we have been making all-out Paris-Ajaccio but we are going to work a lot in our dance school. We're going to put up a little more, to have a life of thirty. (He's laughing.)

Do you plan to go on the Dance Premium with Stars?

G.L ..: We will try to come several times! The sanseurs have already asked me to come.

Grégoire, is it you who decided to patir?

G.L ..: The thing is, I had long wanted this dance hall, so I wanted to make this project a reality this year.

Return as a dancer is conceivable?

G.L ..: The dance school is now my priority. After that, nothing is impossible, I can not say yes or no.

Who are the favorites this season, according to you?

G.L ..: The cast is very varied. I think it will be very surprising. Lenni.Kim to the advantage of youth, he should dance well.
A..: In addition, he is a singer, so he has the sense of show. Afterwards, Arielle Dombasle did a little dance, then I like what it releases and the planet on which it is ...

G.L ..: Vincent Cerutti has known the program for a long time, only we have seen his talent as a dancer and .... it does not strike the eyes. (He laughs)

A ..: But Vincent was loved as a presenter, but he still leaves with a small point ahead.

G.L ..: And Élodie Gossuin can please it works well.

You got married in June 2016, the first year an ring ony our finger is that happiness?

A. AND G.L ..: ( both together). Yes!

G.L ..: We love each other more than the day of our wedding!

A ..: And with this project, we continue to have the chance to dance. The day we stop all this, we can say that we have already built something.

Do you dream of having a child?

G.L ..: Later, we want to enlarge the family, yes. He or she will take his first steps in our studio.

A ..: This is the next step.

Alizee, and the music in it all?

A ..: When, I'm called to do some tricks, I do it with pleasure but there. to make an album, for the moment, I put that coast. Seventeen years I do this job, six albums in total but there I take a break. I'm still 33 years old and I'm not going to dance very long like Pietragalla because I have neither his record nor his experience. On the other hand, I can still record titles, until my last blow. ( She laughs.)

What would Alizee say today at the Alizee of the year 2000?

A ..: I would tell her to do exactly the same thing without asking any questions, I had a course of which I am proud, I made beautiful encounters. I did not want to stop working with Mylène, work with Pascal Obispo, or do a dance show.

We talk to you all the time about Mylène Farmer. For you, the page erst turned?

A ..: The music page, yes because I no longer have this desire to make an album.

Are you still in touch with her?

A ..: Yes, we are often in touch, it is part of my life, almost my family. I have experienced incredible things with her and it is thanks to her if I am still here today. I will be eternally grateful to her and she knows it.

What are you most proud of?

A ..: To be still there seventeen years later!

G.L ..: Ah, but that's not bad ... (He laughs.) To have won DALS, because it's symbolically very strong. Afterwords. I have small personal pride in my sporting dances. But what I am most proud of is my wife.


Avant tout Grégoire, vous avez une jolie annonce à faire à nos lectures...Vous devenez chroniqueur pour Télé Star pour nous parler de DALS. Ça va être étrange d'écrire sur vos anciens camarades...
Grégoire Lyonnet:
Oui, je vais chroniquer l'émission chaque semaine dans Télé Star. Et le samedi 14 octobre, pour le lancement de la nouvelle saison, je serai présent pendant toute la durée de la soirée sur le Facebook de Télé Star via un Facebook live. J'y commenterai en direct le premier prime et les téléspectateurs pourront me poser des questions. Je pense être assez bien placé pour parler de DALS que j'aime tendrement et qui a changé ma vie. J'ai vu l'évolution de l'émission et je vais sûrement voir quelques détails qui passent inaperçus.

Il y aplus de trois ans, vous vous rencontriez dans Danse avec le stars. Le programme a bouleversé votre vie....

Grégoire et Alizée: Ah oui! ( Ils rient.)
G.L..: Il y a un avant de un après Danse avec le stars...
A..: Personnellement et professionellement parlant, car je suis revenue à ma première passion, la danse.

Vous ouvrez votre école de danse. Que voulez vous transmettre aux gens?

G.L..: Pour la petite histoire, on parle de ceprojet depuis que nous sommers rencontrés. Je donnais déjà des cours, et Alizée, c'était son rêve de petite fille....
A..: Oui, quand j'étais petite et qu'on me demandait ce que je voulairs faire, je répontdais quelque chose en rapport avec la danse.

G.L..:On veut transmettre notre amour de la danse aux Ajacciens. Avec cette école de danse, on concrétise une envie commune. Elle a d'ailleurs été décorée par Emmanuelle Marcellin ( achitecte d'intérieur reconnue en Corse, ndlr) et Alizée

Fauve Hautot est la marraine de vote école.

G.L..: Oui. C'est une amie de longue date. Elle me connaît bien en tant que danseur et en tant que personne.
A..: Elle a vécu le début de notre histoir, et c'était évident qu'elle soit notre marraine. On sait qu'elle viendra voir nos élèves.

Désormais, votre vie est donc en Corse?

G.L..:] Ça fait quatre ans qu'on faitdes allersretours Paris- Ajaccio mais là on vas pas mal bosser dans notre école de danse. On va seposer un peu plus, avoir une vie de trentenaires. (Il rit.)

Vous comptez aller sur les prime de Danse avec les stars?

G.L..: On va essayer de venir plusieurs fois! Le sanseurs m'ont déjà demandé de venir.

Grégoire, c'est vous qui avez décidé de patir?

G.L..: Le truc, c'est que j'avais depuis longtemps cette envie de salle de danse, je voulais donc concrétiser ce projet cette année.

Mais u nretour en tant que danseur est envisageable?

G.L..: L'école de danse est désormais ma priorité. Après, rien n'est impossible, je ne peux pas dire oui ou non.

Qui sont les favoris cette saison, selon vous?

G.L..: Le casting est très varié. Je pense que ce sera très surprenant. Lenni.Kim à l'avantage de la jeunesse, il devrait bien danser.
A..: En plus, c'est un chanteur, donc il al le sens di show. Après, Arielle Dombasle a fait un peu de danse, puis j'aime bien ce qu'elle dégage et la planéte sur laquelle elle est...

G.L..: Vincent Cerutti connaît le programme depuis longtems, seulement on a vu son talent de danseur et.... il ne frappe pas aux yeux. ( II rit.)

A..: Mais Vincent était aimé en tant que présentateur, sonc il part quand même avec un petit point d'avance.

G.L..: Et Élodie Gossuin peut plairesi elle travaille bien.

Vous vous êtes mariés en juin 2016, Alors, cette première années bague au doight, c'est que du bonheur?

A. ET G.L..: (À l'unisson.) Oui!

G.L..: On s'aime encore plus que le jour de notre mariage!

A..: Et avec ce projet, on continue d'avoir le chance de danser. Le jour où on arrêtera tout cela, on pourra se dire qu'on a déjà construit quelque chose.

Vous rêvez d'avoir un enfant?

G.L..: Plus tard, on veut agrandir la famille, oui. Il ou elle fera ses premiers pas dans notre studio.

A..: C'est la prochaine étape.

Alizée, et la musique dans tout cela?

A..: Quand, on m'apelle pour faire des petis trucs, je le fais avec plaisir mais là. faire un album, pour le moment,je mets cela de côte. Dix-sep ans que je fais ce métier, six albums au total mais là je fais une pause. J'ai quand même 33 ans et je ne vais pas danser très longtemps comme Pietragalla car je n'ai ni son palmarès ni son expérience. En revanche, je pourrai toujours enregistrer des titres, jusqu'à mon dernier souflle. ( Elle rit.)

Que dirait la Alizée d'aujourd'hui à la Alizèe des annés 2000?

A..: Je lui dirais de refaire exactement la même chose sans de poser de questions, J'ai eu un parcours dont je suis fière, jài fait de belles rencontres. Je ne penasais pas un jour arrêter de travailler avec Mylène, ni travailler avec Pascal Obispo, ni faire une émission de danse.

On vous parle tout le temps de Mylène Farmer. Pour vous, la page erst tournée?

A..: La page musicale, oui car je n'ai plus cette envie de faire d'album.

Vous êtes toujours en contact avec elle?

A..: Oui, nous sommes souvent en contact, elle fait partie de ma vie, presque de ma famille. J'ai vécu des choses incroyables avec elle et c'est grâce à elle si je suis encore là aujourd'hui. Je lui en serai éternellement reconnaissante et elle le sait.

De quoi êtes-vous le plus fiers?

A..: D'être toujours là dix-sept ans après!

G.L..: Ah, mais c'est pas mal ça...(Il rit.) Avoir gagné DALS, car c'est symboliquement très fort. Apreès. j'ai des petites fiertés personnelles dans mes danses sportives. Mais ce dont je suis le plus fier, c'est ma femme.

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Thanks for all that work kulli!
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Thanks for doing that kulli!

I was thinking about this line here,
"What would Alizee say today at the Alizee of the year 2000?

A ..: I would tell her to do exactly the same thing without asking any questions, I had a course of which I am proud, I made beautiful encounters. I did not want to stop working with Mylène, work with Pascal Obispo, or do a dance show."

I thought it was her decision to leave Mylene or maybe something just got lost in the translation?

I'm sure she would never strike out on her own to attempt another album but I saw a flicker of light when she said "she is often in touch with her (MF). If MF suggested a new album (I'm sure that's a very unlikely if), I don't think Alizee would turn it down because she know's an album produced by MF and hopefully LB, would be a sure thing. I think that's the only skeleton she has in her closet, that string of failures.
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This is the end, my friends.

http://alizeeamerica.com/forums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=1448&dateline=1276377  065
------------------MISS ALIZEE -----------------
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Originally Posted by Bigdan View Post

Alizée decided to stop the song: "I do not want to make any more album"
Bye bye Lolita

This is the day the music died.

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