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Default Salut magazine article from 2000

Here's another article AIFC shared with me. Translation by Backinblack.



"SALUT (2000)
ALIZEE: "I dream of having as much success as Mylène Farmer!"

You have to believe that certain good fairies hover longer over certain cradles. Alizée, in any case, is a very lucky young Corsican! She's barely 16, and already everything is smiling on her. The proof, her first single: "Moi... Lolita", written by Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat (234) is in the lead at the top. Not bad, huh?

Your single was released in the month of July and three weeks later, you're already on top... It was urgent that we get to know you. Tell us a little about who you are...
A: I was born in Ajaccio, in Corsica, on August 21, 1984, and I lived there with my parents and Johann, my ten-year-old brother. I still live there and I love this island...

I often wonder what people do to get into show business. It's such a closed profession... Are your parents artists?
A: Not at all! (smiles) Not them, nor anyone else in my family. My mom is a shopkeeper and my dad works in computers. No, my history is a combination of circumstances, of real luck.

How did it all begin?
A: When I was 5 years old, my parents signed me up for a modern dance class and, up until I recorded this disc, I dreamed of becoming a dance teacher. And then, because I'm extremely shy, when the singing and theater classes opened up in this same school, I signed up to give myself more confidence. For three years, on top of my studies (at the beginning of the year, I'll be in "première"), I followed this instruction and I liked it a lot.

To the point of, I believe, signing yourself up, last November, for the competition organized by the M6 show "Graines de stars"?
A: Yes, that's it. Actually, my friends and I did it just for fun. Without thinking that we were going to be picked. I just wanted to try my luck only in the dance category, but my friend also signed me up for the list of singers, and that's where I was selected.

Was it difficult?
A: No, not too difficult. But very very long. We were called at 5:00 in the afternoon and I went as the last one at 3:00 in the morning. I was really sleepy and I almost gave up to go find my bed as quickly as possible. It was my mom who told me: "As long as it takes, let's stay until the end."

It seems she did well...!
A: Yes, since I was selected to participate in the show in Paris. I had to sing in front of Patrick Bruel, whom I adore, and that wasn't easy...There, my shyness really hit me, but, he showed himself to be very kind and reassuring with me! (smiles)

Are you superstitious? Do you have any good-luck charms with you?
A: Oh! Yes I have lots! I'm never without the chain and pendant that my dance teacher gave me. I also have a subway ticket from New York and all sorts of bracelets.

When you learned that you had won, what did you feel?
A: I was crazy with joy, of course. And then, I thought my little life was going to go back to normal in Corsica.

But it didn't happen quite like that!
A: Friends of my parents who lived in Paris heard talk of an audition. A producer was looking for a young singer. I sent my photo spread and the cassette from Graines de stars. It was only when I arrived at the studio, where I had to do the audition, that I discovered that it was Laurent Boutonnat. I couldn't believe my eyes!

And how was your first meeting with Mylène Farmer? Is she as mysterious as people say?
A: No, not at all. She's someone very simple and very easy-going. Things went well right away between us.

It's the first time that this shock duo has written for someone else; do you know why they chose you?
A: I don't know, and I admit that I wouldn't dare ask them about it.

How would you introduce yourself to our readers who are discovering you today?
A: I would say that I love my little brother (who himself dreams of becoming a football player), the beach and the animals. I have a lot of them: cats, dogs, hamsters, goldfish, but now, we live in an apartment, and this wouldn't be a life for them. When I have time, I hurry and go shopping. And playing supermodel and trying a bunch of things in front of my mirror, I love that! On the other hand, I hate lies and hypocrisy.

In what state of mind do you find yourself now?
A: Frankly, I know that I have a huge amount of luck, but I haven't really realized what has happened to me. I'm living a true fairy tale. Even when someone asks for my autograph, I have trouble believing it's me that they're addressing. In any case, one thing's for sure: now, I only have one dream, to become a singer with a career as prestigious as Mylène's!

[Mini Infos]: In 1995, Alizée participated in a contest for AOM. This was a contest to color the drawing of an airplane. Her sketch was chosen and an airplane (a real one, this time) carried her name and colors. She also won a trip to the Maldives. Lucky girl, we say!
Alizée is her real name, chosen by her parents who loved windboarding, and therefore the wind...
She only has one secret: her family name that she prefers to keep quiet from the press."
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