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Old 10-11-2017, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Shepherd View Post
Alizée decided to stop the song: "I do not want to make any more album"
Bye bye Lolita

This is the day the music died.
No... in the actual interview she said that she doesn't want another album with MYLENE... and few questions earlier she's talking about it that a new album is not her priority No. 1 right now because she can still sing with her final breath and that this doesn't work for dancing. Right now she's taking a break from the music business but if she would get asked to do some small things, some songs, she would do them.

Yeah. Maybe no new album but that doesn't mean no new songs



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Ne lui parlez plus de chanson, la musique semble être de l’histoire ancienne. Lorsque le magazine lui a demandé si chanter n’était plus sa priorité, Alizée a confirmé en répondant : « La page musicale est tournée oui, car je n'ai plus envie de faire d'album. » Bye bye Lolita…

Dont talk about song to her anymore. Music is history. When we ask if singing is not her priority today she confirm " my musical period is over, yes. I dont want to do a new album." Bye Bye Lolita.
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As far as I can tell, the Voici article is just their interpretation of the original Téléstar interview. I've seen many similar articles trying to cash in on the story this week.

I don't hold anyone to what they say about their future plans, especially Alizée. She's involved with the dance studio now, maybe expanding her family, and then... who knows? I thought she said in the interview that she couldn't dance forever but that she could make music at any time.

Alizée and her music has meant a lot to me, and that won't change just because she doesn't make more.
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