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Old 09-19-2016, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Ray4AJ View Post
My theory about why Alizée might by angry goes back to how the single was leaked before release. I'm fuzzy on the details from back then, it was before my time and not something I've dug into.
Well I was there at the time and Alizée did two versions of Fifty-Sixty. I think they where both leaked as everything was getting leaked back then, but don't quote me on that as it wasn't something I committed to memory!

The colour version is better imo too though as those cartoon pop ups as ALS mentioned b4 ruined the original. Nonetheless I feel Alizée went for the black and white version as she liked the nostalgia aspect of it and being a sixties fan herself.. even though colour was here in the sixties.. I dunno about the fifties?

Anyway thanks again to Jenny for posting the vid.

Originally Posted by Lucas View Post
I think one problem is (or was in that time) she made a parody of Julien Dore.
Nope Julian Dore made a parody of Alizée Moi... Lolita if I remember correctly.

Originally Posted by Scruffydog777 View Post
But it's kind of ironic that the post before this is from Karin. Karin was very active here in the past. She made a lot of different covers for albums and cds and made some good videos; one of which was for Je veux bien which I thought was pretty good.
I hear that, I hope Karin is doing well. This was my favourite fanmade vid she made I believe with Jordy. It's a piece of heaven.. I hope he's doing well too.


Alizée, Balayent les maux de cœur

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Originally Posted by Jenny_HRO87 View Post
Not sure if you want to use this old thread or not...

Here's a present from A.PROJEKT, the original clip in colour...

I still love this video a lot. It's one of my favourite Alizée videos to be honest. She's so beautiful in it.

Quite a gift. Thanks.
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