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Gregorie mocks Alizee's new hairstyle on instagram

STYLE - The singer Alizee has tried to the permanent. And this change of look is not really to the liking of his companion, who currently accompanies him on the tour "Dance with stars ..."
2017-01-08T20: 17: 39.437Z
It is not only Guillaume Canet who mocks his companion on social networks. Grégoire Lyonnet was also there. The professional dancer Alizee and are currently touring Dancing with the Stars and for the occasion, the singer addresses a whole new look. A look that does not leave indifferent Grégoire Lyonnet.

The interpreter of "Moi Lolita" has tried to the permanent and it is not really the taste of the dancer who did not wait very long to make it known. On Instagram, he posts a photo montage in which we discover the one hand, the new cut Alizee and the other an extract of the cult series Friends. Gregory Lyonnet stands behind his wife, his hand on his mouth, mimicking astonishment.
"My wife turned into Monica this year"

The scene captured by Laurent Maistret, winner of Season 7 of Dancing with the Stars , is obviously a parody of that of an episode of Friends in which Chandler is shocked to discover the new head of Monica. In a commentary, the dancer writes: "My wife turned into Monica this year", but madly in love with her companion, he adds "she is still beautiful." We are still far rock'n'roll challenge couple Guillaume Canet / Marion Cotillard.

On the tour Dancing with the Stars , Gregoire Lyonnet and Alizee found a part of the cast of Season 7 (Florent Mothe, Laurent Maistret Valerie Damidot), but also former members of the contest as Priscilla Betti, Olivier Dion or Tonya Kinzinger. The tour started on 7th January and it will pass through all the Zeniths of France.


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My ex got a perm once and I could not stand the sight of it. Luckily it was gone within a week.
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Video interview today at gala.fr


VIDEO GALA – L’interview minute d’Alizée: “Greg ou Grégoire, Lolita ou Mademoiselle?”
La pétillante brunette se prête au jeu des questions en rafale

Laure Costey | lundi 16 janvier 2017

Entre deux danses avec son mari Grégoire Lyonnet, lors de la tournée Danse avec les stars, Alizée a répondu avec enthousiasme à notre questionnaire minute!

Elle n'est plus « lolita », et pas "mademoiselle« mais totalement »madame » s’il vous plaît! Ailzée est heureuse de pouvoir se faire appeler madame Lyonnet et elle le fait savoir. La chanteuse qui a épousé le danseur à l’été 2016 porte désormais fièrement le nom de son homme.

À l’occasion de notre rencontre dans les coulisses de la tournéeDanse avec les stars, la jolie corse nous a accueilli dans sa loge pour une interview minute réjouissante!

L’ex-Lolita star nous apprend ainsi qu’elle est plutôt du genre “bonne élève” plutôt qu’adepte de « l’école buissonnière ». Une rigueur dans le travail qu’elle a mis à profit pour apprendre la danse. La gagnante de DALS saison 5 assume également son côté “lève tôt” mais avoue volontiers choisir « la sieste » après "le sport".

Plus “brune” que “blonde”, Alizée préfère également les petits mots doux et les attentions que son “Greg” lui réserve pour la “Saint-Valentin” que la chasse aux bonbons et à la frousse des fêtes d’”Halloween”…

VIDEO GALA - The minute interview of Alizée: 'Greg or Grégoire, Lolita or Mademoiselle?'

The sparkling brunette lends itself to the game of questions in burst

Between two dances with her husband Grégoire Lyonnet, during the dancing with the stars tour, Alizée has responded enthusiastically to our minute questionnaire! \

It is more 'lolita', and not ' Miss 'but totally' Madam ' Please! Ailzee is pleased to be called madame Lyonnet and does know. The singer, who married the dancer in the summer 2016 now proudly bears the name of her man.

On the occasion of our meeting backstage at the Tourneedanse with the stars, pretty Corsica greeted US in her dressing room for a good minute interview!

Ex-Lolita star tells us that she is more of a \"good student\" rather than fan of \"hooky\". Rigour in the work she took advantage to learn the dance. The winner of DALS season 5 also takes his side \"get up early\" but admit willingly choose 'siesta' after 'sports'.

More \"Brown\" as \"blonde\", Alizée also prefers small sweet words and attention that his \"Greg\" lie the \"Valentine\" as hunting candy and scared \"Halloween\" parties...
Video grab from the interview on the hub:
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Here's an article I saw posted on FB last night. It is from "chartsinfrance" and it is about those pictures that were posted in NY of her and MF.


charts in france.jpg

Alizée celebrates 17 years of "Moi ... Lolita" with rare photos of Mylène Farmer
17 years ago, France fell under the spell of Alizée thanks to the tube "Moi ... Lolita". To celebrate this special anniversary, the singer wanted to send a message of sympathy to Mylène Farmer, his mentor.
Image: http://www.chartsinfrance.net/style/...1499245914.png

Photo credits: Cover of the single

Early summer 2000. Spotted a few months earlier on the show "Graines de star", a young Corsican teenager arrives in the French musical landscape with her first song. Alizée, 15, probably did not imagine that "Me ... Lolita" was going to upset her destiny. This first tube, which will launch the wave "lolita" in France, is the work of a well-known shock duo of the industry: Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat. In the shade, the tandem makes the young Alizee a universe to measure. The icon of French song, mutine, signs two-way lyrics and takes care of the choreographies and outfits of his protégée. Expert on the subject, Laurent Boutonnat is in charge of composing the melodies and making the clips. Released July 4, 2000, "Me ... Lolita" quickly becomes a phenomenon. Stayed number two of sales for 13 weeks, the single crosses the symbolic bar of the million sales in France. Alizée, propelled in the spotlight, becomes the darling of the French public ... and international. His first album "Gourmandises" will be sold to 4 million copies in the world.

"There are meetings that upset a life"

The collaboration between Mylène Farmer and Alizée will come to an end after the release of the album "Mes currents électriques" in 2003. But the singer, now married and mother of a happy family, has always kept a special affection for the one who launched her career. On her latest album "Blonde" (2014), she had even dedicated a song, "Mylène Farmer", like a wink. "It's not a tribute because I'm not there, to say that I love it, that I miss it, improbable stuff, it's not at all ... I'm talking about the life of a Fan of Mylène Farmer (...) I tell the life of this fan who every day rises with Mylène, lies with Mylène ... This fan could have been me. Because even though I've been singing with "Moi ... Lolita" for 15 years and I've been working with her for 10 years, she's been part of my life. I'm still a fan of her ... She's the artist I most respect and admire, "Alizée told Pure Charts.

READ OUT - Alizée does not want to make an album: "I do not want to"

So, to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the release of "Moi ... Lolita", Alizée has once again decided to pay tribute to her elder. On social networks, the interpreter of "Tendre rêve" shared several rare shots taken with Mylène Farmer in a park in New York, at a time full of complicity. "There are meetings that upset a life ... It was 17 years ago. Thank you M "commented Alizée in legend. What to please the most nostalgic fans!

Read more at http://www.chartsinfrance.net/Alizee...pC4BtkzM6yF.99


Here is another article related to the MF photos by GALA magazine...



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