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Old 03-26-2017, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Shepherd View Post
Alizee is looking a bit tanky here, but she is SINGING. I think she's wearing a jacket to disguise her bulk. A bit overweight or not she looks great to me. And she is SINGING.

Waterloo (Live 2017)


With all that vigorous dancing, she might not be singing. She is probably lip-sinking. I wonder if that counts as a break in her refusal to sing? That might not even be her voice.

More speculation: It's unusual for a dancer to put on weight. Could Alizee be pregnant? She said, she and Greg were trying to have a baby.
I dunno she has always been a small frame short and a bit plump , i think many of us here or fans of her were always attracted to that style of grrl .
Definitely isn't singing but its obviousilly her voice and refreshing to hear this beautiful voice in English once again . So she is singing , i didnt hear she is refusing to sing but guessing as always she may have said it once but like her saying once about English not her forte it was only once and amounts to nothing . As for karaoke well she is a dancer and that isn't easy to do both but even singing live unless we are there its still a recording so to me there is no difference in lip synching or not . Honestly i believe too much is made of that since the milli vanilly incident . While of course to sing live is better to myself and others in a show like this where its more about dancing i don't care . As for the jacket using that to hide i doubt that as aren't there recent pics without jackets ? To touch on pregnancy - she maybe a dancer so to speak but not in the classical sense of never to fluctuate weight or always stay super slim . Plus with age this will definitely happen and with the dancing and exercise you get bigger - look at Priscilla Betti for instance there she is also tiny framed but her legs got muscular most likely from the workouts and dancing . Which isn't to say she also didn't continue to be phenomenal looking , both only improve with age . Also all grrlz will go up n down the scale during times of the year , month and so on . But who knows maybe she is knocked up and if so congratulations to her , G and little sister who'll get a sibling . I agree she looks awesme as always , regardless <3

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Originally Posted by Shepherd View Post
Another good Robert Rhein video. He must be getting close to his goal of making a thousand Alizée videos.
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