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Old 06-14-2017, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Scruffydog777 View Post
On FB today, I noticed Mika who is the gentleman from Finland I met last month in Helsinki, posted a song by Jenifer. In his post he mentioned Corsica. Now I've often posted on our FB page scenes from Paris and Ajaccio and Jenifer often performs in Ajaccio, so with that in mind, plus the fact I really enjoyed the song, I posted it on AAm's FB page.

Now there was controversy a year or two ago where Alizee who we seldom see say anything critical about anyone, criticized Jenifer over something to do with an album Jenifer made and it may be the album this song was on? So what do members think of me posting this to our FB page?

1st everything we wish to share wether it be about AJ or not is great but only when we share those things in our lives and do not hide away . Kinda like AJ and her life there where with certain things hidden for no real good reasons whatsoever adds nothing to her or us the audience and pretty much just takes away .

B - It's like us here as a community , the more we get to know each other or things revealed the easier it is for us to bust on , make fun of or joke around about these subjects . This drama or whatever you want to call it shows love for the other person and comfort enough to say such things because if we didn't care we wouldn't interact and would remain silent .

3rdly It's my belief most of these criticisms are sorta to say taken out of context or how the question is framed to cause drama . After all she seems like a pretty nice person over all and probably gets along with most everyone . Take any of us and AJ for instance i'm sure it looks like we criticize certain elements yet it's pretty obvious we all love her or wouldn't be here writing .

Anyway i'm a fan of you so appreciate your input here about any subject not just AJ and co et al .


Originally Posted by Ray4AJ View Post
@flamingyo is Alizée's little brother. He also posted that photo on his Instagram account about a week ago, where Alizée 'liked' it.

This issue seems to be evolving, I think you are correct that we haven't been posting pictures of Annily here but I'm curious to hear what members think about that.

Alizée doesn't post pictures of her with her face exposed because then the French tabloids would be able to use the photos. My understanding is that they can only use photos of children that are provided by the child's parents. So I assume that means they can't use the photos Alizée's father or brother (or anyone else) posts of Annily. But with this post by her brother, which she 'liked' and must not have asked him to remove, it would seem to me that she doesn't mind the photo being posted.

My personal opinion is that I'm not concerned about Alizée's personal life. Following her professional activities and whatever she does share herself is enough for me so I won't post photos of her family.
I'm sure there are a million and one reasons she is hidden as we have discussed here and there many of them . While i kinda agree with you that the pro and personal are seperate . . . for my interests anyways . . Everything in her life is her life and of lesser or greater level to each individual in a distinct level of ones own . As i just said above to Scruffdog the more she shares wether it be her shoes or relatives will only add to not only most importantly AJ for herself but her human family ( AAM ) as well .
Too often in life the things we fear only deter from greatness that coulda shoulda woulda been and then maybe regret for the future .

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Posted by Jo today on the first anniversary of Alizée and Gregoire's wedding.
Alizee Jo wedding day.jpg
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