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Old 06-23-2016, 03:42 PM
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Default A wedding card and maybe a gift to Alizée and Gregoire?

What are members thoughts on sending them a card and maybe a gift? I thought maybe we could have a card made up maybe with AAm letterhead plus something matrimonial in the design and either have members signatures photo shopped onto it or maybe just a card with different messages of congratulations. We could possibly contact non active members to participate or just maybe the active ones. We could send it to Chez Paulo and ask her to repost it.


Some more thoughts on the card. I was thinking maybe using the same header and footer we used for the letter for the autograph session with the exception of taking out the flags because good percentage of our active members are from outside the USA and maybe just using the Corsican flag. Then maybe using one of Jo's photo's of the Blood Islands or just the coast somewhere with maybe profile images of the backs of the three of them?

As far as a gift, it's probably pretty tough to think of something they could really use or something they might want to display. One thing I thought of which may sound kind of corny or at least unusual for a wedding gift is a telescope because I think they'd "all " enjoy looking at the scenic coastline or the stars and of the many pictures I've seen them post from their place, it looks like they don't have one. Just a thought. Even if the forum doesn't like the idea, I may take the risk and do it on my own.

Another idea is maybe send them a donation to be made to the Marie-Do association?

I would contact non active members to participate with the card, but not the gift. If they volunteer, so be it.

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