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Old 12-05-2017, 03:16 PM
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Default Alizee, her hair, and her age

Hi friends,
I was always under the assumption that in her early years, as Alizee aged, her hair got longer. Maybe it is a fallacy to think it was this easy because she is, after all, a woman, and women love to change their hair styles like the weather. Trying to put her videos into chronological order can be challenging. You can't really judge her age by the song in the video, because she can sing the same song for years after it is first released.

This YouTube video is a compilation, and yes it is hypnotic as the name of the compilation suggests.

At 2:10 they pan up the body of Alizee singing Moi Lolita and there looks to be a diamond ring on her finger. Looks like an engagement ring to me. I'm not sure if she ever actually was "engaged" to Jeremy, but it sure looks like an engagement ring. But her haircut is short, making it look like what she sported when she was 16 or so. This makes it even more confusing.

I'm sure somebody here knows her age when this was filmed, and what about the ring?

Another question is about the clip at 3:17. Camera is behind her when she begins her hip shake with her sailor suit on. Just super sexy here. I've found some other videos that look just like the venue and she has the sailor suit on, but could not find the one where this came from. Any ideas?
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