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Default Super Star magazine December 2002

Here is another magazine article I got from AIFC along with translation fro Super Star magazine December 2002 issue.

Super Stars December 2002.jpg

SUPER STARS (12- 2002)
Alizée, the return

Now what has become of Alizée? We're seriously starting to miss her. Remember, her last appearance goes back to February 2002. She came to bring her cooperation to the Restos du Coeur tour. Since then, nothing, radio and TV silence.

The Alizée is going to blow again next spring
During this time, Lorie and Jenifer rivaled success in interposed scenes... And the pretty Ajaccian continued to shine with her silence. We're not going to go as far as falling into affliction: we're missing one single person. No, we won't go that far, but all the same...

To try to explain this long absence, we can lay out before us several options. First, Alizée's first single met with such a success (800,000 copies plus 1.5 million singles in France) that she and her entourage have no doubt judged it good to put her a little in reserve, thus avoiding overexposure and rekindling the desire.

A planetary success
Next, during the entire 2001 year, the girl traveled the planet to respond to numerous requests. As they historically tend to do, the English gentlemen drew first. When she participated in the biggest English music show, The Top of the Pops, she was a huge hit. And the journalists lost their British coolness to go into ecstasies in front of the "French Britney Spears." The Netherlands took her next, and invited her to come sing in front of 40,000 people for the queen's birthday. Then it was Italy's turn to rank her #1 in the charts. The month of May saw Poland and, obviously, Japan get to know the shivers of Alizéemania. And while Israel was at it, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Russia were seen rushing up. Result: 300,000 albums and 700,000 singles came to be added to the cutie's already consistent score. So well that in March 2002, she received a World Music Award for being the French artist that sold the most records in the year 2001. So, if we didn't or scarcely saw her here last year, it was simply because she was promoting herself a little bit of everywhere in the world. With such a charming and seductive ambassador, our rooster [French national symbol] can proudly draw up his spurs.

A very anticipated 2nd album
After such a journey, Alizée had the right to taste some well-deserved vacation time. Last but not least, the third reason for her silence was for her to begin undertaking the production of the second album. Seeing the craze provoked by the first one, she didn't have the tiniest bit of room to manoeuver. The bar has been set very high. Also, it's time to turn the page on the Lolitas. Alizée turned 18 last August 21st, she's no longer a kid, and we can suppose that the thinking heads of her career, Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat, have already though of evolving her image like her more developed femininity.

Originally announced for the end of November, the release of Alizée's second opus has been pushed back to next spring. Since we finished tasting all the Gourmandises that she gave to us, we've begun to languish severely. Maybe her record label will take pity on us and give us the gift of a first single for the holidays? One can dream... But in the meantime, we only need to let ourselves be carried by Alizée's sweetness and wish her a good wind for her second album.
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" ... the shivers of Alizéemania"
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