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Old 03-16-2017, 11:49 AM
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Default ML Fur wardrobe malfunctions or . . . ?

So in the fur ML outfit . . I imagine it was cut high on purpose , butt and i am guessing here that when she tried it on in fitting they didn't account for tucking the wireless microphone transmitter box in her drawers . Which in turn made it ( the coat ) go a bit even higher up , now in some performances when she is wearing that she tugs on the coat part from behind as if to be pulling it down some . . Which i'm not sure if that is part of the act/dance or was she adjusting it because it felt uncomfortable . One can assume that it is indeed part of the dance - the tug that is . . because the camera goes to the rear view for instance during the performance where Julio Iglesias is present as well others . Butt . . then again guessing here those edits were post performance and looked cute enough to add in . Now in some of the performances it does seem on key with the lyrics as in she repeats the same tug of her coat at the same time in different performances .

So what do you all think , maybe it was by design or was it a bit of wardrobe malfunction ? Perhaps even a malfunction then post in editing where during rehearsals it was noticed so then incorporated . Also do you think they accounted for the wireless box tucked in her drawers during fitting ?

( talk about your dream jobs . . . yeah today i had to tape a mic box to this singers butt because it kept pulling her short shorts down : ) I'll make a few gifs or a video of a bunch of them if anyone is interested .
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