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Default Club Plus magazine article from 2000

Here's another magazine article AIFC shared with me from 2000.
Translation by Backinblack...




CLUB PLUS (2000)
Little Lili on her island of beauty

She leads a crazy life! Since the success of "Moi... Lolita", she was already spending a third of her time in Paris. Now, after the release of "Gourmandises", her first album, Alizée hardly has the time to go home to Ajaccio. But it's there that we're taking you, into her secret garden!

The week of its release, your album "Gourmandises" was already 10th on the charts. Did you celebrate?
A: I was glad but I've hardly begun to realize that I have sold more than a million singles and that I'm really lucky! As for the party, between TV and radio, I'm a little overwhelmed. I don't even have the time to work for myself.

You're going to get slapped on the hand by your teachers!
A: No, it's OK! My parents wrote a letter to tell them that I would be late in doing my work. I'll catch up!

You're also going to have to catch up on lost time with your brother and your friends!
A: That's true! Since I only go to Ajaccio on the weekend, I always begin by spending time with my brother who's 11 years old. Even though we call each other when I'm in Paris, I miss him a lot. We tell each other what we did with our week. When I'm in Paris, he calls me regularly. He always wants to know what I've seen. One time, Youri Djorkaeff came to ask for my autorgraph for his nieces and I asked for one of his for my little brother. He was like a lunatic! He came to Paris at the very beginning and came to watch the show "Hit Machine".

Does he want to do what you're doing?
A: He wants to become a football player, even though he's begun playing the guitar. We do karaoke together and he's the star.

What do you do with your weekends in Ajaccio?
A: I start by sleeping to my heart's content, then I work on my classes. After that, I go out for a little air.

How does it go on the street?
A: Fairly well. But there are places that I avoid. For example, I only go to the café when the kids are in class. Once I went shopping with my mom in a supermarket. I can say that I won't do that again, except with a hat and sunglasses. I always visit the little boutiques with her, but never the big stores.

It must be hard to go back to real life!
A: Actually, not really. What's hard is waiting for my friends to get out of class so I can see them. So I take little walks in the street, and especially along the beach. And then at home, I take advantage of the time to clean my bedroom.

That's your favorite room?
A: Yes, it's my secret garden. I've had this room since I was 8, and I'm arranging it slowly but surely as I grow up.

Do you put up posters?
A: Non, I don't have a single one. I have a shelf. When I was little, I put all my Barbies on there. I was crazy about Barbie! Now there's a TV and a stereo.

Any other things you normally do in Ajaccio?
A: Yes, I go back to my dance classes. It does me good to go to them again and I'm always welcomed like I'm at home. They ask me, "How's it going, little Lili?"...

Little Lili, that's your nickname?
A: That's what my friends call me: Lili or my little Lili. My brother, as for him, it's usually Aliz' or Lizée. My dad has always called me Titiou. I suppose it's the first word I pronounced. Actually, I don't know!

Between your friends and family, you must have had some hellish parties!
A: It's really cool! Like every year, I spent the night of December 24th with my grandparents, to whom I gave my cat last year. And the day after, I was with my other grandmother.

Did you have time to prepare some gifts?
A: I had a few days off in Paris and I took advantage of the chance to buy my gifts. I'm beginning to get used to the city. When you're stylish like me, it's a good thing. I find lots of things that we don't have in Ajaccio.

Now that you're a star, do you indulge yourself in extravagance?
A: No (laughs). Since I'm a minor, the money that I earn is frozen until I turn 18. My parents receive a certain amount for my education, that's all. And the amount of my allowance hasn't changed. In any case, I've never lacked anything. If I need or feel I want something, I ask my parents.

They allow you more freedom though?
A: I have always been quite free. For example, for two years now, I've celebrated New Year's with my friends. As long as they know where I am, there's no problem. But it's true that this year, they have had to pay closer attention. They came looking for me to take me back home after the party.

It can't always be easy for your entourage. I'm thinking especially of your boyfriend...
A: Everything's fine with that. Have you heard a song called "Lui ou toi" in the album? It's talking about us! I had a problem choosing between two boys, something that happens to a lot of girls. When I was with one, I missed the other. I suffered a lot and they did too. Finally, I think I made the right choice because I chose my current boyfriend.

And are you sure you made the right choice?
A: Yes, yes (laughs). I'm sure of it!

[Picture]: When she's in Ajaccio, Alizée takes family walks with her father and little brother Yohan, age 11.

Translated by Backinblack
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