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Default Club Plus magazine interview from 2000


CLUB PLUS (2000) -2
Alizée: "I'm afraid of change!"

After having burst into showbiz with "Moi... Lolita", Alizée is getting used to success, as proved "L'Alizée", her second single. A little well-sugared candy announcing the recent release of "Gourmandises", her album!

Since this summer, when everything began, have you finally realized the success that you have had?
A: I've begun to, yes. I've begun to realize that I was lucky to work with Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat. They made some magnificent songs for me.

Do you want to talk about the album, the biggest official secret?
A: That's no longer a secret! This album is called "Gourmandises".

What will there be in it?
A: 10 songs including "Moi... Lolita". The second single, which was released last month, is called "L'Alizée". It resembles me...

Hey, by the way, where does this name Alizée come from?
A: My parents were passionate about windboarding. Alizée comes from the wind.

Concerning you, the news is distilled. Do you have a taste for secrets?
A: You want to talk about the secret surrounding the album? That was more to manage the effect of surprise. I like to make people wait. Whereas for me, I hate surprises. I'm to curious to bear waiting.

Your parents are very present, very protective. Is that important?
A: It's essential! For all the important or stressful moments, they reassure me by their presence or by talking with me.

It isn't difficult to reveal yourself in the press knowing that your parents are going to read everything?
A: No, not really, because I don't hide anything from them. The only thing that bothers me, is when a journalist invents something. They discover my little shortcomings at the same time as me (she laughs). Fortunately there is trust.

Do they also help you with your studies?
A: Of course! When I'm at home, I'm forced to work on my classes for three hours in the morning and three to four in the afternoon.

Are you in Paris a lot?
A: On average twice a week. What's more, we're thinking of leaving the hotel and renting an apartment. It's more comfortable. But I'm not moving there! I miss the sea too much when I'm in Paris. And my friends as well!

Do you miss your previous life?
A: Yes, sometimes. The daily routine with friends, being in class. I'm pretty isolated but when they don't have class, we call each other up, we go have a drink, then continue our shopping sessions.

Are you afraid of change?
A: Yes! My parents are there to help me keep my head on my shoulders. But for the moment, it's only when they're waiting for me at the end of a show when I'm signing autographs that I realize what kind of life I lead.

And if it had to stop?
A: It would have been a good experience.

Will you go back to high school?
A: I don't know if I'd be able to do it. No, I think I'll take the bac by correspondence as well as my diploma as a dance teacher.

Translated by Backinblack
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