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Default Salut magazine article from 2002

Another article that AIFC shared with me...


SALUT 10 2002
What has become of Alizée?

All of a sudden, she was no longer on TV, we didn't hear her on the radio, and suddenly, pfff! Off she went, the lolita! Impossible to talk to her or see her... She deserted Paris but also, a lot more surprisingly, Ajaccio, her dear city. Kidnapped by an all too eager fan? Left to meditate on the summit of a barren mountain? Committed to a candy factory (her weakness) as a professional taste tester? Of course not! Alizée was simply absent as a result of her huge success. Foreign countries had reserved her a triumph...

Recall the facts!
August 21, 1984, Alizée, a pretty baby with all brown hair, lets out her first cry, pardon, her first note, in front of wondrous eyes of her parents.
At 4 years old, she takes her first dance class.
In November 2000, she signs up for the Graines de star audition in Ajaccio. After waiting for 10 hours, she decides to leave. Michelle, her mom, suggests waiting a little longer. Alizée is chosen.
During the show, she finishes second, in front of one Patrick Bruel, jury member, fallen under her spell.
Not long afterward, Alizée records her first single, Moi... Lolita, produced by Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat, and gives up definitively her intention of becoming a dance teacher.

Success is appointed!
Number one in sales, Moi... Lolita is on everyone's lips. Same for l'Alizé, Parler tout bas[/i], and Gourmandises, the other three singles from her first album.
Her success brings her, among other things, recognition at the M6 Awards and NRJ Awards (two years in a row).
She is also nominated at the Victoires de la musique in the category "Revelation of the year."
Results: 1.5 million singles and 800 000 albums sold in France alone.

Her latest appearances in France...
Alizée assured like a pro the promotion of each one of her singles, videos (TV shows, interviews, etc.), and then, little by little, she was seen more and more rarely. Finally, the last time she was "officially" seen was last February, when she participated for the second consecutive year in the Restos du coeur tour.

Now an international star!
The English were the ones who drew first! It hasn't been since Vanessa Paradis that they've been infatuated with one of our young stars. And here they literally couldn't resist Alizée. "She's the French Britney Spears!" they said. "She has the voice of an angel..." wrote one journalist. And when she was invited to the biggest British music show, The Top of the Pops (a kind of Hit Machine), she brought the house down!
In April 2001, Alizée is invited to sing in front of more than 40 000 people in the Netherlands for the queen's birthday.
At the same time, Moi... Lolita enters directly into second place on the charts in Italy before being ranked #1.
The following month, her record is released in Japan and Poland.
In June 2001, it's Israel's turn to fall for our little pet.
Little by little, the entire planet becomes inflamed with Alizée. Her record is a hit in Germany, Holland, Spain, Canada, and even Russia.
In total, she sold 300 000 albums and 700 000 singles abroad. Who can say better?
It was Mylène Farmer herself who announced to her, calling her on her cell phone, that she was ranked in the top 10 in Russia. As a result, Alizée went and spent four days there and received an FM Award.
Last June 26, Alizée performed at the Festivalbar, in Italy, in front of a huge crowd.
Today, in all countries where her record has been released, there are dozens of web sites about her; there's even one in Russian!

And now what's going to happen?
Alizée stopped traveling the world and gave herself a few days of vacation, to celebrate with her family and friends her 18th birthday. And then off to the recording studio. It's not all that, but her French fans are stomping with impatience. When will there be a new album?
As a matter of fact, it's a mystery. In principle, the album, still written by the Farmer-Boutonnat tandem, should have been released at the end of the year (as a Christmas present!), but the record label refused to give a precise date.
Info still to be verified: the title of this album could very well be Vents d'ange [Angel winds]. Clever play on words, huh?
If everything goes as planned, the first single should be released in November, so be patient!

[Mini infos...]:
To better understand her new fans, Alizée is taking English classes. It seems that it's also because she dreams of recording several songs in the language of Shakespeare.
Because of lack of time, she has completely dropped her studies.
In three weeks, she received 18 boxes of fan mail. Some come from very far away, the Pacific islands, for example, but also from California where a fan discovered her thanks to the Internet.
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