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View Poll Results: If an UEdS DVD added synced Lili snapshots to the CD, the most EXTRA I'd pay is:
US $0 0 0%
US $1 0 0%
US $2 1 6.25%
US $5 3 18.75%
US $10 8 50.00%
US $20 or more 4 25.00%
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Old 04-14-2010, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
I personally think this CD is so intense, so complex, and so dark and unusual that photos of Alizée would be a conflicting message. It just wouldn't match up, no matter how hard you tried. This album IS very "visual" already - overall it sounds just like a soundtrack for "Edie - The Rock Opera". But until that rock opera is produced (ideally starring Lili), I'd rather just listen and watch it in my head.
I'm glad you get my point and I'm sorry the "low-budget opera" doesn't cut it for you. But I'm not surprised many people disagree. And based on your report of the CD sales, I don't think it would be easy to find an investor for additional full-blown videos.

Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Lastly, Doc, I didn't check the $0 box on the poll because that would've implied I'd want the slideshow feature if it was free.
Most people understand ("the most EXTRA I'd pay is") $0 means worthless, so why split hairs?

Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
...this is a very complicated, sophisticated record.
Previously, Alizée performed some songs I found transparent and others I found arcane or even ambiguous. Briefly looking at the translations you and the other guys have been producing (thanks a lot!) it sure seemed like there was a lot of mystery there. So after my brief research into the classical allusions of <i>Les Collines</i>, I decided I would just sit back and let someone else do the work of analysis, for want of time.

Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Sadly, it appears that UEDS's sales in France are abysmal. First week: 3500 copies sold, 24th on the sales charts. Second week: 800 copies sold, 69th on the charts...
I assume you mean physical CD sales. Do you have any numbers on sold downloads of albums and songs? If I can be cynical, I think an important reason for doing a "concept" album was to discourage file download buyers from cherry-picking songs, because something is lost by "breaking up the set."

While I am sure Alizée desires to continue as a singer, she has also hinted she'd like to promote luxury goods. I think her elegant <i>UEdS</i> "Audrey Hepburn" look only helps this latter aspiration. This alone might be a reason to master a DVD with photographic stills - as an "image" portfolio.

As someone "not yet twenty," Alizée demonstrated bewitching audience rapport and even remarkable physical exuberance in her pre-hiatus performances before live audiences. How long a married and devoted Mom in her late twenties might try to do something like that is a big question. But her musical genre choices aside, I like her voice very much and maybe other people do as well. Perhaps ideas like Alizée Christmas and children's albums are not such impossible aspirations, if they can continue to exist at all in this Napsterized age.

But whatever she does or doesn't do, I will always remember my special Corsican fairy.
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