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Default Magazine article from 2000 Les Tops Plus de Alizee

Another magazine article with English translation that AIFC let me share. The translation was by Backinblack.

Fan 2 Les Tops Plus de Alizee 2000.jpg

Fan 2 : 2000
Les Tops Plus de...Alizée

From the moment of her arrival with "Moi... Lolita", Alizée has charmed the entire world. Normal in this case to want to know everything about the pretty brunette as secretive as she is famous. As for us, we wanted to pierce her secrets by entering into her personal garden...

Her star
Since she has become famous, she has met quite a few celebrities. These include Johnny Hallyday, [Loam], Elie Seimoun...But her heart remains faithful to her star forever: Madonna!

Her toys
To decorate her room, Alizée has never been very interested in posters. Stuffed animals are her thing. She has an enormous collection. But as she grows up, she is discovering for herself a new love in jewelry, especially those given to her by her grandmother.

Her dream
Alizée's unavowed dream would be to play one of the sexy James Bond Girls. The bombshells that have always fascinated her, and of whom she sings the merits in "JBG", a song from her album.

Her favorite actor
She swears by Brad Pitt whom she discovered in "Legends of the Fall". It seems she follows his career with interest.

Her weakness
Do you really want to make Alizée break? Give her gummy bears. She has an distinct preference for the red ones. But it's whispered that she also likes the ones coated in chocolate.

Her art
She has always danced a lot, even taking up to 8 hours of classes a week. Classical, jazz, tap-dance, flamenco, she likes all styles. It's her dance school that she dashes to when she returns to Ajaccio.

Her look
She loves sneakers but, standing at her height of 1,60 meters [5'3"], Alizée feels a little small. As a result she often goes around in heels. And as she understands that what's small is also cute, she wears little makeup. A touch of mascara, a little gloss, and that's it!

Her cuisine
To make Alizée happy, it's easy: she literally cracks for Chinese food. A pair of baguettes, and it's bliss!

Her love
Yes, Alizée is in love with a boy who matches this ideal picture: sweet, kind, attentive, and especially faithful. It's he whom she speaks of in "Lui ou toi", another song from her album. And clearly, when she hesitated between two boys, she made the right choice.

Her animals
You can't love "the big blue" without being touched by the irresistible dolphins. Alizée is no exception to the rule. But he also has a big love for dogs. That's why her friend gave her a baby labrador. Adorable but impossible to raise in an apartment. From now on it's in her grandparents' garden that he passes the days happily.

Her movies
A long-time follower of "Grand bleu" by Luc Besson, Alizée has recently discovered "Shakespeare in Love" that she never gets tired of watching on DVD. It's her new hobby because, not having time to go to the theater, she watches movies all alone!

Her bedroom
It's her secret garden, her lair, her home where, throughout the years, she played with her Barbie dolls. Now it's where she rests listening to music on her stereo.

Her music
If she's never hidden her attraction to Madonna and Mylène Farmer, Alizée is also a romantic girl of her time who listens to the album to "Romeo and Juliet". It must be said that, by age and similarities between their stories, she feels close to Cécilia Cara.

Her fans
Yes, you yourself also belong to her world. Nothing pleases her more than settling down quietly to read your letters or deciphering the e-mails that you leave at "e-mail@moi-alizee.com". So don't wait: she's the one who responds, in person!

Her color
Her favorite color is pink and its derivatives. Mauve, violet, purple... In her wardrobe, she has all the available patterns, in all materials and in all forms. Except in a miniskirt version: she's not really a fan of that!

Translated by Backinblack
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In 2000 she was 15 or 16. By this article very much a teenager. I wonder how much she has grown up from those days.
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