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Default Oh My Mag - Annily and Jeremy in California

Saw on FB an article saying Annily is on vacation in California with Jeremy! I first saw a couple of photos yesterday of the two together before this article came out and my first thoughts were that Jeremy had been there at least part of time when Alizee was there not long ago, but I guess Annily made a second trip there? She must really enjoy California.



The complicity between Alizée and her daughter Annily is felt regularly through the publications of the singer on Instagram. While her daughter advantage in time of vacation in California alongside his father, Alizee addressed a tender message on social networks. Their adorable relationship once again delighted the fans of the singer ... At the moment, Annily, daughter of Alizée and Jérémy Chatelain, enjoys a stay in California with her father. On Instagram, the musician posted a picture on which he is seen near his daughter on a sunny beach in the United States. One imagines that Alizée is currently feeling the lack of her daughter with whom she is very accomplice. The singer also shared a photo on the social network on which she laughs with Annily as she pushes it into a caddy. This very successful shot proves how much the adolescent seems to be as close to her mother as to her father. In legend, Alizée made a beautiful declaration of love while hashtags beginning with the words "Eternal Love" . Despite their divorce in 2011, Alizee and Jérémy Chatelain have managed to stay on good terms to preserve the happiness of their daughter ... Published by Sophie Bernard ,01 August 2017

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thx for the article and translation
It is great to hear everything works out so well and they have a harmonic relationship.

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